This offer applies to people who have already experienced everything in the world, but keep the uncommon sense of humor:
"If you are overcome by boredom and you want to do something crazy and non-standard, you can joke gratuitously by shocking amount of transfer to one of the following purses QIWI."

Copy the purse number. Go to the donations page and paste it.

qiwi wallet

Our QIWI-wallet: +79780189790

qiwi visa

Our VISA QIWI: 4890494494416720

By this act you will surprised us and help tourism in Crimea that is in progress now. :)

One of the metaphors of happy people: The more you hope to youself, the less you are disappointed in others! =)


Contact Information

Dear visitor, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. - please refer to the below mentioned contact details.

Russia, Crimea, Big Alushta,
Uteos settlement, st. Princess Gagarina, house 25/11
Mob. tel.: Russian flag icon+7(978)018-97-90; viber icon  whatsapp icon
viber icon Viber: +7(978)018-97-90
whatsapp icon Whatsapp: +7(978)018-97-90

Holiday House "Feet in the Sea"

The location of the holiday house "Feet in the Sea" satellite view:

holiday house "feet in the sea"

Holiday house "Feet in the Sea" - a holiday in 2019 at sea in the Crimea without intermediaries!
And in the winter and summer - remember this.
Call us, write us - we are glad to see you!