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Holidays at Mount Ai-Petri

Holidays at Mount Ai-Petri

To have a healthy immune response
Rest in Crimea - and in the winter and summer!

We will be glad to invite you into the beautiful winter time to relax in a nice warm comfortable rooms with magnificent sea views. The cost of one seat 350 hryvnia. And according to your wishes - we'll change the holiday relaxing stay on the active - rest on Mount Ai-Petri, with sledding, skiing and snowboarding on Ay-Petri Yayla.

Crimea. Yalta. Ai-Petri

Ai-Petri plateau - it is almost flat snowy valley with small hills, where the harsh winds do not allow the tree to fully grow up, but the combination of moisture and sunlight have a positive impact on growth of mountain meadows. Ai-Petri plateau - probably the most extensive and exquisite, and perfect for tourism. To do to Ai-Petri photo - the dream of every skier. As seen from the Ai-Petri - just fabulous, and I want to capture these moments, to always have the opportunity to refresh their memory.

If desired, you can place an order, and we'll fix you a new year at the Ai-Petri.

rest in crimea ai-petriWe will arrange a vacation in the Crimea Ai-Petri, which includes:

  • delivery to the Ai-Petri
  • sledding, snowboarding and skiing
  • delivery straight into the warm hangar facilities
  • good mood, laughing, smiling, pleasant experience

Rest in Crimea, Ai-Petri - price details

The car can accommodate a 7 guests.
Tour price in both directions - 500 hryvnia.
Application for at least 4 days.
The season lasts through April.
Phone for orders: +7(978)018-97-90; viber icon  whatsapp icon

Watch - Crimea photos of Ai-Petri in winter

Holiday house "Feet in the Sea" - a VIP vacation in the Crimea in 2018 by owner!
Winter and summer - remember this, please call us: +7(978)018-97-90; viber icon  whatsapp icon