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Prices on vacation in the Crimea in 2018

All hunting on the sea, and therefore,
Preordered holiday house in Crimea!

holiday in the crimeaPrices on vacation in the Crimea in 2018 - very different. We will not argue about what a vacation in Crimea to consider expensive or budget. Some people prefer to holiday on the Black Sea in 2018, savage and consider it quite comfortable, while others prefer a comfortable VIP vacation in the Crimea. Below we describe the advantages that we believe make a vacation in Crimea, fun, fitness and full of pleasant experiences. A decision to make, of course, only you, dear visitor.

Rest: Crimea, Utes,
holiday house "Feet in the Sea"

Wellness VIP vacation in Crimea holiday house "Feet in the Sea " at the expense of providing a good location - in the town of holiday house Uteos that between Yalta and Alushta, 4 km from the highway. This allows us to feel surrounded by the primitive nature - at the same time not too remote from the great civilization.


The building has 5 floors of a hangar, situated near the sea (a few meters from the water), and adjacent to the magnificent ancient landscape park, which was founded in the early 19 th century - in 1812.


crimea, uteos, holiday houseHoliday house has its own private beach, which is spacious, and you can relax while enjoying the soothing whisper of the sea, eyes closed feeling the warm skin caressing wind. A nanezhivshis under the sun enough - you can always surrender to the sea, which gladly take you in their passionate embrace of water. On campus there are pebble beaches (pebble - fine), so you can rest easy - the wind does not play with you a joke and not obsypet you sand. Also at the slightest wish, you can use the sun loungers and umbrellas.


In the building of the holiday house lovely spacious 2, 3, 4-person suites, in which white balconies overlooking the sea make it possible, without leaving plenty of room to admire sunrises and sunsets, sunbathe. I would like to emphasize that due to the successful use of spiral staircases, holiday house "Feet in the Sea" has a spacious than can boast not one house in crimea

And the rooms are at your service:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Modern interior design, furniture, tableware
  • Cable TV
  • Refrigerator
  • Hot and cold water - around the clock
  • Shower
  • Lavatory (WC)
  • Change of bed linen in the room - once in 5 days
  • Room service - every other day
  • In honor of your arrival, your room will be waiting for a bottle of champagne

We offer our guests surcharge on campus work:

  • sauna, massage service delivery
  • Small Tennis
  • good tennis court for tennis (on the train coming celebrities)
  • volleyball
  • badminton
  • billiards

Tennis courts for tennis, sauna and massage services must be ordered in advance.

  • Guarded parking lot - 100 meters from the building (so as not to disturb guests sounds auto)
  • Telpher - the services of those who come to rest on the sea with their boats
  • Meeting at the airport or train station - you will be welcomed and will be brought to dock in a car

Safety and security

Campus slipways and beaches guarded. Also there is a guarded parking lot a hundred meters from the building, where our guests can arrange their iron horses.


rest in crimea in 2018 without middlemenCatering - for an additional fee. The fact that you have the opportunity to eat as you prefer: order room service, eat at work until late at cafes and restaurants on the waterfront - not only enjoying a meal, but the contemplation of the sea at different times of day.
Or, if you can not imagine holidays without pans - you can prepare yourself in the shed have everything you need.
Prices of food - ranging:

  • from the low cost - 40 UAH. per day per person (all meals in the dining room is open from March to December)
  • to higher - from $ 10 up to $ 30 per person, meals in cafes and restaurants that are open all year round
  • for younger guests may private customized menu

In addition, if you wish, you can always go to grocery stores or on the market - they are located next to the hangar, just a hundred meters away from the holiday house "Feet in the Sea".
As you can see - the choice is wide enough types of food and therefore food is not included in the price.


To VIP vacation in the Crimea in 2018 by owner was cheerful for you - the following additional services:rest in crimea 2018

  • excursions - general, such as Crimea-legend "or personal - your choice. Trips take place on a comfortable bus
  • Pleasure trips on boats, catamarans, yachts - for cool people who like to enjoy a very leisurely
  • water bikes (scooters, jet skis, aquabike) - for "violent", which only let friends drive away from the coast
  • water attractions: "floating banana", etc.
  • underwater diving (diving) - with an instructor or independently, hire diving equipment - vacation at sea gives you the opportunity to taste the underwater kingdom of the sea
  • computer games - all the same now, 21 century
  • if you wish, you can always go to grocery stores or on the market - they are located next to the hangar, just a hundred meters from the hangar "Feet in the Sea"
  • Nearby are wineries farm Tavrida "where you can buy and take with them a souvenir bottle (or, bochechku) wine, stored in his Crimean sun rays
  • for those who are planning a family vacation with children in the Crimea, it will be interesting to learn that day for the little ones run the show the troupe on the waterfront and streets of the town, and at night they give a presentation for the children and their parents
  • if desired, possibly traveling with a child in a comfortable car to:
    • aquapark, located in Alushta, 14 km (10 minutes)
    • dolphinarium, located in Partenit, 5 km from the holiday house

Crimea Alushta Uteos - How to get here

From Simferopol railway station or airport - by shuttle flight Simferopol-Yalta. Exit at the stop "Uteos" or a direct flight Simferopol-Uteos.
For an additional fee ($ 25) We can meet at the airport or train station - you will meet and bring in the holiday house on the car. Fee is stable and does not depend on how many travelers transporting cars - one person or a family (company).

Rest in Crimea in 2018 prices

Rate for that room per night is without a meal. Payment - either.
The calculation in the hryvnia, the cash rate, the payment date.

When reservation - a prepayment of 20% of the total

Estimated time of arrival - 14:00, departure - 12:00

Elling is open all year. In the off season (from autumn to spring), you must book rooms by phone at least - 4 days before you plan to come.


  • children under 6 years (without extra bed), accepted free of charge
  • one additional seat in the room is provided with a 50% discount, regardless of age, resting

Holiday house "Feet in the Sea" - a VIP vacation in the Crimea in 2018 by owner!
Call us: +7(978)018-97-90; viber icon  whatsapp icon