Vacations at Sea in 2022: Sights

Holidays 2022 on the sea in Crimea - is not only an opportunity to relax, but also to learn for yourself something new. You did get a rare opportunity (which is not on most resorts) - to touch history, to witness the ancient buildings, exotic plants collected from different parts of the world's other less obvious things but also delight. Below we provide links to pages with the most visible landmarks near a holiday house, to see that tourists come from all over the world.

Crimea Alushta Uteos: The Palace of Princess Gagarina

Crimea Alushta Uteos: Glade of Italian pines

Crimea Alushta Uteos: Karasanovsky Palace Rayevskys

Crimea Alushta Uteos: Park Sanatorium "Karasan"


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