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Rest in Crimea - holiday house "Feet in the Sea"

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Rest in Crimea holiday houseIf you are interested in comfort in Crimea - the boathouse "Feet in the Sea"is ready to provide you the most cordial hospitality! Holiday house "Feet in the Sea" is:

  • rooms with all amenities
  • holiday with sea views
  • private beach with emerald water
  • Located near the picturesque landscape park
  • Guarded parking lot - for those who, even on vacation at the wheel
  • the absence of crowds of people

In the end, boathouse "Feet in the Sea "- is a comfort, tranquility and security. Fresh sea air. Gentle sun. Either you prefer to spend holidays in the Crimea with a group of friends or you like to rest with the liking of families with children in Crimea - the boathouse "Feet in the Sea " has everything to satisfy your requests.

Holiday house "Feet in the Sea" - a vacation in the Crimea without intermediaries
- call us on: +7(978)183-48-34; viber icon  telegram icon

Vacation in Crimea

holiday house in the crimea

First of all, boathouse "Feet in the Sea" attracts those who like to spend holidays in the Crimea on the coast, or do not care about, sipping your favorite cocktail sprawled on a lawn chair in the shade of an umbrella. Despite the fact that the boathouse is located in a meter from the sea, there will always be sybarites vacationers who prefer big beach lodge, where, not leaving the room, sitting imposingly and closed his eyes, graciously let the rays of the sun caressing caress your body. Meanwhile, the sea lapping eagerly waiting for, well, when, finally, it is lazy in the sun a rest, give him a chance to wash their pleasant coolness, giving courage, smiles and joyful mood.

One of the main advantages that have the boathouses in the Crimea as "Feet in the Sea " - is, of course, private beaches and the proximity of the sea, which is located so that, before it can be bona fide slippers.

When a VIP vacation in the Crimea will bring you many pleasant impressions, will make you hungry, you probably want a leisurely dine on the coast, near the barbecue, watching the waves, and savoring the elegant, excellent mouth-feel kebab (which if desired can cook his own!), Sipping from glass of delicious Crimean wine, and delicious fruit that caring nature brought up specifically for the leisure guests - that is for you. At such moments the soul just freezes with happiness, and whatever may be the largest vocabulary of vacationers in the speeches expressing admiration for a no-no, and slip obscene word on that others will respond with a knowing smile, and express my solidarity with you.

Walk after a meal in the surrounding environment you have here - it is not only very useful but also enjoyable. Depending on your preferences - you can choose to walk in the park landscape, uslazhdaya my eyes its aesthetic beauty and artistic expression, or to make a leisurely promenade along the waterfront, along which, like a fertile vine, with clusters spread cozy pubs, great restaurants, decent cafes. In each of these institutions you will be pleased and pampered with a variety of cooking - both local and European cuisine. Here you can try outlandish cocktails, various kinds of snacks, as well as exotic foods from seafood.

Family vacation with children in the Crimea

Holiday house "Feet in the Sea"is located in a residential area of the town slipways - Cliff, and 22-23 hours, live music, which pleases visitors in cafes and restaurants - fell silent. However, with the advent of night life never stops, it just gets quiet, and restaurants continue to work until the last customer, allowing others to enjoy a dream or simply delightful stillness of the night.families with children in the crimea

This is another plus in favor of those who are interested in families vacation with children in the Crimea. Day for our little guests are working on the show troupe streets and the waterfront campus, and at night they give a presentation to rebyatni and their parents.

If desired, possibly traveling with a child in a comfortable car to:

  • aquapark, located in Alushta, 14 km (10 minutes)
  • dolphinarium, located in Partenit, 5 km from the holiday house

Those who wish to continue the fun - are sent to the location of the disco, for whom the dwelling place of the sanatorium became a promenade, near - there they do not bother anyone. Also, you can always go by taxi to the nightlife of Alushta and Yalta.

Holiday house "Feet in the Sea" - a vacation in the Crimea without intermediaries
- call us on: +7(978)183-48-34; viber icon  telegram icon