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Horseback riding in the Crimea

horse ride in the Crimea Ever since the XIX century, the Crimea, is associated related not only a great holiday, and in addition, and as a land covered with the traditions and legends. Tourists from all over the world each year come here to admire its beauty: the sea, forests and mountains, as well as to rest as they want. Inquisitive guests Crimea offers a wonderful opportunity to organize the rest, making horseback riding in the Crimea with advantage and pleasure, and to truly enjoy nature of these places. To date, horseback riding in the Crimea - this is one of the most popular and trendy types of active outdoor recreation.

horseback riding Horses are rightly considered noble and majestic animals, they have long been not only a means movement and the labor of the peasants, but also an ornament noble houses, the owners pride and an indicator of their welfare. Not in vain, in the automotive world engine power measured in horsepower, and that the horses have the ability to have a positive and even therapeutic impact on people, there are legends which have survived to this day pores. Horseback riding in the Crimea - it is much more fun than traveling by car or something to carry behind a heavy backpack. Besides, riding and riding on horseback have a positive effect on human health and are available for all ages. Horse walks in the Crimea - a great way to escape from everyday routine and bustle of the city, completely immersed in communion with nature.
Of course, to participate in a hike or horseback riding, without certain skills and abilities simply can not do, so as to start to learn to stay in the saddle.

rides for children in the Crimea riding horseback in the Crimea riding horseback in the crimea

Horse riding in the Crimea for children

rides for children in the Crimearides for children in the Crimea In equestrian tourism there is no age limit and horseback riding in the Crimea for children (from 4 years old) are also available As for adults, but it does not mean that the child immediately be put on the back of an adult horse. First, under the guidance of experienced instructors will conduct a mutual acquaintance of the child and horse. Especially for the little children riding horses are good-natured, with a very calm and quiet nature.

To participate hike in the horse, without exception, participants will take Lessons rides in the Crimea for the childrenrides for children in the Crimea riding, and all costs and efforts in training will soon pay off with unforgettable impressions and pleasantly spent time. Horseback riding in the Crimea - A choice not only convinced the Romantics, but fans nontrivial type of holiday. Official science-based Numerous studies confirm that the ride riding and communicating with horses charge people, and especially children - positive energy to help in this case, to show the best human qualities.

crimea ridesHorse hike in the CrimeaHorse hike in the Crimea

Horseback riding, Crimea

rides Crimea With qualified instructors for beginners opportunity to learn to ride on horseback and get a lot of happy experiences. For people with experience and skills with the rider - fun travel and a great way to relax from the problems everyday will horse ride. Crimea, really good place for horse riding, as in the mountains and forests laid a lot of roads and paths, which in ancient times, traveled on horseback riding. In addition, it is the most environmentally friendly mode transport to travel.


rides on horseback horseback riding tours in Crimea rides on Crimea

Prices for rides in the Crimea

Prices on horseback riding in the Crimea vary depending the duration and complexity of the route.
Holiday house "Feet in the Sea" is cooperating with professionals - real enthusiasts who offer you get incomparable pleasure from communication with horses, and make fascinating horse walks in the Crimea. On horseback in the Crimea price calculated individually, depending on - How far you want to "gallop away" of of civilization.

horse ride in the Crimeahorse riding Crimeahorse crimea tour

Those who enjoy horseback riding Crimea with its unique nature provides a variety of itineraries. Horse trip to the Crimea can vary the duration and complexity of the track. After all, someone on the soul an easy walk for an hour or two, and someone wants to test himself in the longer mounted campaigns. So for you, depending on your Individual preferences will rassschitany horse riding, that will bring pleasure to both novices and seasoned riders.

equestrian vacation in the Crimeahorse trek to the Crimeaequestrian tour of Crimea

Now directly on prices.

By listening to our guests, instead of a standard set of horse riding trails, we offer individual. You only select:

  • those lions (described below) which you would like to visit
  • time during which you would like to enjoy a horse riding

In the first case to be made and determined by calculation - how much time will you choose the route.
In the second case You have chosen the time - you will be offered a beautiful setting, which can be visited during this period you.

In both cases, an individual approach allows more flexibility to determine the time (and thus - value) that you would spend for horse riding.

Cost calculation is made from the relation: 1 hour = 150 UAH.

Example: walk at the foot of the mountain Demerdzhi takes about 2 hours, and its price is 300 UAH.

Next are presented and described the most striking sights, from which you can build your personal rides in the Crimea.

Horseback riding in Crimea - Sightseeing

rides in the Crimea"Ghost Valley" - a unique stone beauty, which were made by the creators of Time and Weather. Under their influence over the millennia, there were stone giants, which excited the imagination of local residents, dubbed this area "Valley of Ghosts".

"Chaos Stone" (a.k.a."Rockfall"). In the early twentieth century, the local sites have experienced massive earthquake, which left behind a huge stone blocks weighing several tons, prompting the then settlers look for another place to stay.

horse rides Crimeacrimea horse ridingcrimea tour horse

 horseback riding CrimeaFuna fortress Fortress "Funa". Our riding routes lead to the historic ruins of Funa, which began construction in the XIII century. She has performed at the same time as a kind of prince's ancestral castle of Theodoro, and as a border fortification on a small Silk Road. Possible tour this historical-architectural monuments, including the torture chamber - where you can not just listen to how tortured in the old times, but also personally pose in front of the camera as a smiling "victim".

"Fountain of Youth" - will be happy to quench your thirst with water, which because of its high silver content, its composition is close to the "Holy Water".

"Broken Heart" - a cleft close to the aforementioned spring. Through this fissure pass before put forth this dearest wish. There are no guarantees, but the rumors about the performance of persistent desires go...

crimea horse rideshorse riding in the Crimea

riding horseback in the Crimea "Caucasus Captive", "Hearts of Three", "Sportloto 82", "Children Captain Grant" - these and other ("Tekumze" "The Headless Horseman"), slightly less well-known films filmed in locations which are our individual horse riding.

Eastern slope of Mount Demerdzhi. Some equestrian routes run along the picturesque eastern hillside Demerdzhi, bypassing Byhalovu rock. Your eyes will appear Strawberry Fields, then you have to plunge into the scent of pine forest, and then You freeze with delight when you'll get a cascade of waterfalls, "Jour-la".

horse riding in the Crimearides in Old Crimeahorseback riding Crimea

Beech Forest. Also some of our individual equestrian routes run through a beech forest in which trees so sublime that even the three travelers can not embrace their centuries-old tree trunks. This forest is a spring "Anniversary", which has been laid out specifically to shoot the stone children's film, fairy tale, "One, two, grief - it does not matter".

rides Crimea You submit to Plateau of South Demerdzhi, where you can "eagle eye" as a proud mountain birds, review every neighborhood, all the coast from Sudak to Yalta. Making the horse walks, you can look at the "Valley of Ghosts" and its stone sculptures from the bird's-eye view.
Lavender fields. If the song "Lavender Mountain" performed by Sofia Rotaru, probably all heard, the very plant had seen very few. You're lucky enough to see the lavender fields and as carefully cultivated these plants.

crimea horseback ridinghorse rides in the Crimea

"Brook Crab" - is another attraction, the amazing fact that this stream even in unbearable heat temperature of the water level remains unchanged.

crimea rides Valley "Maubi". In this area, are the Greek medieval burial. Although the that the valley is located above sea level, just seven hundred meters - the kind that opens, shaking to the core. Especially interesting to track their own perception of distances, looking down, it seems that just above the clouds, and looking up and seeing the eastern side of Demerdzhi - it seems that the top is inaccessible. Surprisingly also the fact that the valley is not Maubi hard frosts, She is considered one of the warmest places on the east coast.

Silver Falls Waterfall "Silver". This cascade, passing down to 350 meters, is considered one of the most beautiful of the Crimean waterfalls. Architect by the name of Nature paved the way for the water, creating in the way of following her grottoes and caves. Overcoming the mountain barriers, and closer to the sea, the river calms and pleases the eye-dimensional flow. Waterfall surrounded by the "Valley of snowdrops," and when it was their heyday - around where not to look - everywhere from the white-white petals, as if an invisible hand threw a caring tracery snow cover. The beauty of fragrance is not possible to describe - hearing this fragrance once you understand how smells like a fairy tale.

Strawberry Fields . In crop year a few hectares of mountain land painted in red color of the berries, but so that just a step can be done to avoid stepping on the berry. And not far away from these places can be seen along the road of strengthening envelope of all the coast - lay here "Crimean Silk Road", the fare for which fees are charged.

VIP-holiday in the Crimea in 2022 by owner

crimea rides Horse riding in the Crimea - a chance to really feel the the spirit of these places and take with them a lot of untold impressions, which will last for the whole year, because Next year, you will want to come back, and sat astride a horse and go riding in horsebak riding in the Crimea!

f you want to relax as close to the sea - the holiday house, "Feet in the Sea" invites you to her!

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