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Crimea. Holiday house. Uteos.

"Crimea, Holiday house, Uteos" - the three magic words is a wonderful unforgettable holiday in 2022 at sea in Crimea.

Impression that the town holiday houses Uteos located in a parallel reality - this is a strong difference of this village from other resort towns: colorful, narrow embankment, an ancient landscape park the 19 th century, not far from the manor of Princes Gagarin, and complements its park Karasan - all this creates impression of walking in an unusual, even fabulous places.

Crimea. Holiday house

In the traditional sense of the word slip - it is a multistory building where accommodation starts from the second floor and above. However, on the Crimean peninsula, holiday house - a comfortable hotel, with balconies or not - depending on the specific architectural features of the structure of a hangar. If you arrive in the Crimea, holiday houses its splendor you can hit to the heart.

So why are all the same dock, and not a hotel, health spa, or even some condo? The fact that the holiday houses in the Crimea - is building a hotel-type (including spa specifics) as close as possible to the coast, sometimes just a few meters from him. Affecting the holiday houses in the Crimea, it should be noted that sometimes there are incorrect spellings of the word "dock": "Eling", "Elinka", "eling" and even "Holiday house".

Rest in Crimea in the holiday house

No wonder that in Crimea are trying to settle closer to the coast. Indeed, the closer to the sea - the less time it takes the road to the beach. It is to the liking of any tourist, and therefore in the larger cities in the summer there is a big crowded people. So if you like calm - choose the Crimea, Uteos village, holiday house "Feet in the Sea".

The resort town holiday souses Uteos very well located - seems to be away from civilization and noisy crowds, but close enough to enjoy all its benefits. Only 4 km from the Simferopol-Yalta highway, and you are surrounded by a green riot of colors of the local flora. Above all, rest in Crimea in the holiday house "Feet in the Sea" is romantic in that on its own beach, you will not be disturbed. No hassles, total relaxation - at the beach or at sea.

As for fans to lie on the beach - they were all clear, holiday 2022 on the sea without sunbathing is unthinkable. However, for those who like to conquer the depths of the sea with a mask and flippers - there are interesting places. For example, at an average distance from shore in the clear sea, there are rocky islands, and one of them has a natural swimming pool! This dream is for a diver!

VIP vacation in the Crimea in 2022 without middlemen

Come to the Crimea, Uteos village, all the holiday houses which will have you warm hospitality. And if you want to rest as close as possible to the sea - holiday house "Feet in the Sea invites you to her!

Owner holiday house offers vacation in the Crimea in 2022, prices – no extra charges!