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ATVs in the Crimea - a fun ride!

ATV - a compact vehicle that looks like a miniature open-top jeep. Standard attributes are quad low-pressure tires, seat of the upper type (that is, the driver sits astride), bicycle wheel shape, and one, two or three seats. Provided for skiing sports and multipurpose ATVs. The engines stand on most ATVs - have one or two cylinders and uses water cooling. ATV Rental in Crimea, provided partners boathouse "Feet in the Sea", and allows you to test the model with an engine capacity of 300 and 500 cm3 - that information capacity are best suited for a comfortable ride on the ATV in the Crimea.

ATVs in the Crimea - for those who like to drive!

If you want to catch a drive, play with adrenaline - head to go on the road. For those who feel a burning passion, conquering almost impassable places - there is a suitable area. Or maybe you like the breathtaking race? Then, ATVs in the Crimea - that's all you need to race across the vast expanses of flat.

ATVs in the Crimea - for beginners

For beginners who want to control the ATV, but do not know how to do it, it's true - is to go to ATV rentals. In Crimea, such firms as partners boathouse "Feet in the Sea", not only engaged in leasing, but also can teach riding a quad bike. Time it takes a little bit - half an hour. ATV in the management even easier than a bicycle, because I do not need to maintain a balance. And half an hour - long enough to learn how to confidently manage the all-terrain vehicle. Four-wheel ATV shall provide the balance and weight - resistance, so even a road with obstacles not seem insurmountable.

ATV Rental in Crimea - equipment

ATV use in the Crimea for a fun ride everyone can - there does not need a driver's license. Suitably qualified professional instruction. Although some measure of security that must be followed, there is still - it's protective equipment. Rent a quad in the Crimea from the partners of a hangar, "Legs in the sea" includes the provision of safety goggles, a helmet with ventilation and protective netting, elbow pads, knee pads and gloves. If you decide to rent a quad in the Crimea - must wear the above equipment. Even if you are an experienced rider and very confident feel behind the wheel - it protects you from minor abrasions and insure against large companies.

For those of our guests who want to use ATVs in the Crimea for reckless off-road racing - boathouse "Feet in the Sea" strongly recommends that a separate kit to get a replacement garment of velvet, with long sleeves. The ideal option would suit. Shoes - Closed and convenient, for example - running shoes. All that is necessary in order to protect that body from possible scratches and splinters from the branches. Since ATVs are used in the Crimea, including for cross-country skiing in the mountains, safety precautions will ensure that your joyful experience of riding on this amazing vehicles will be marred by some annoying little thing.

ATV Rental in Crimea is becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers and gaining new fans. ATVs in the Crimea became an integral part of outdoor activities - both adults and children!

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