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Holidays in May 2022: excursion into history

May holidays in the Crimea in 2022 - allow for everyone to relax in the spring nature of the sea. Do you know where went the tradition of celebrating holidays in May at all? If yes, then check out - Crimea 2022 prices on vacation very attractive, check for yourself. And if not, then this article may interest you.

May holidays have come to us from time immemorial. Nearly three millennia ago, the people who lived in the territory of modern Italy, honored the goddess of Mayu, who according to legend was the defender of the farmers. In her honor last month of spring christened May, and his first day was declared a holiday, when the festivities were conducted and arranged feasts.

But it was in ancient times, as already mentioned, more than three millennia ago. And the May holidays in our day have their own separate history, which begins in July 1889. At the time of the Second International Congress adopted a resolution on the annual celebration of the day the world proletariat in memory of the selfless struggle of the Chicago workers against the capitalists.

Bolsheviks celebrated May Day in 1890 in the Polish capital - Warsaw. During Soviet times, the May holidays in the Crimea, however, as throughout the country, were practically the state, and were loved by the people, not only for their significance in the world, but also locally. Social solidarity with the proletariat of all countries is nice, but also about urgent matters should not be forgotten: the May holidays are those who had a garden - it could dig up and plant onions, carrots, potatoes, etc.

May holidays - in 2022, today

Time flies and now the countries of the former Eastern socialist bloc, which joined the European Union and NATO do not remember how during the May holidays orderly march past the stands with the party leaders. In the former Soviet republics, now independent states, things are somewhat different: despite the fact that the holiday display is no longer a fixture, a people mindful of the need to honor these wonderful days of vacation. You can certainly go far out of town, but these trips can be arranged at almost any time of year, and they do not stand out. Those who wants to celebrate the May spring sun on the particular, prefer to vacation in the Crimea in May. In fact - for a modest fee, you can settle down on the beach in comfortable rooms, and to hold the May holidays in the Crimea in 2022 as your heart desires. For example - you can leisurely stroll along the promenade enjoying the proximity to the sea and the freshness of the breeze caressing you, charuyuschemu ancient park with exotic plants. In the evening, savor wine and a hot skewer, contemplating the evening sunset, sitting in a chaise lounge on your own beach, or on a balcony in his room - like you more to their liking.

After a couple of these trips, you'll love a vacation in the Crimea in May and will not be able to deny myself the pleasure to celebrate these wonderful spring the May holidays in Crimea. If you are intrigued, then the following hyperlink for you: vacation in the Crimea in 2022 prices.

Despite the fact that bastion of socialism, the Soviet Union gone forever, in the world there are still countries, May celebrations in 2022 continue to have the status of the state. One such country is South Africa, where May Day is held under the patronage of the authorities, with the filing of which organized the exhibition of folk art, the implementation of consumer goods at a reduced cost, and also organizes cultural and entertainment events.

Italy also notes the May holidays, not parades and gathering meadow daisies, which attract the folk tradition of happiness. Spain on May Day celebrates all the colors. However, unfortunately not everywhere May holidays are so carefree: political parties in the streets of Berlin to this day, arrange a variety of events, which often end in clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement agencies. The ocean in America the May holidays are in the everyday work environment - nothing unusual, as usual. European nations generally do not arrange any special events on May 1, but in the UK on this day - declared a holiday.

In Russia, the birth date of May holidays, consider 1890. In subsequent years, the May holidays started to become more pronounced political overtones. And already in 1897 acquired may feast among the people of the status of the mass, where the demonstration took place already in the open. In 1917, the May holidays were first celebrated by millions of workers across the country with banners with Communist slogans. And in 1918 Workers' and Peasants Red Army held a parade on May holidays Khodynka.

Crimea in May

In the Soviet May Day celebrations were a triumph for the workers and peasants, who could formally rest for two days. Widely held folk festivals. Has traditionally been to lay the May 1 holiday table. With the passage of time holidays in May gradually lost political hue, will turn into a celebration of spring when you can just enjoy the fact that you live. It is unknown how the rest of the course of history further. It is quite possible in the future, the May holidays will be memorable for many more events, but now, while you have the opportunity to meet a beautiful May holidays in Crimea - the use of this chance. Call us.

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