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Rest in Crimea 2022

Yet again, nearing one minded the day when the Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea make an announcement about the beginning of the next holiday season, this time - a season-2022. Is the Crimean autonomy given to the annual inspection - checking for compliance with current regulations and European standards in the tourism industry? In general, of course, this question can be answered in the affirmative. Holiday on the Black Sea in 2022 promises to be even more attractive to tourists - both domestic and foreign. In this regard, improving the infrastructure of Crimea: chinyatsya roads and roadside structures. Put into operation new and restored to the old pan-European level and resorts, tourist camps and youth camps, hotels in Crimea, and camping. Preparing for the opening of both new and already declared himself the positive side of entertainment (disco, bars, cafes, attractions, restaurants, etc.). All these preparations are carried out in full to the summer vacation in the Crimea in 2022 provided an opportunity to have rest even more tourists.

Ukraine. Rest at the seaside

All of the above, and other events - count all would be quite difficult, and there is special need. Particular attention should be brought to shortcomings that may confuse those who are thinking to spend your vacation at sea in the Ukraine.

What kind of the same shortcomings we talking about? If you think about the failures of water, then hasten to reassure you - those days are long past, because Now all the holiday houses in the Crimea (though like any respectable boarding house, resort, etc.) acquired independent plumbing systems that are equipped with both boilers and storage systems. Therefore, the question of water is no longer there. This fact is a landmark event in the history of the Crimean tourism, allowing to come close to European levels. The reason in Crimea have got independent water supply is very prosaic, even banal - the competition. In an effort to get clients, the level of service spa facilities is growing rapidly, which in turn attracts more tourists. In the end, everyone wins: the owners, and vacationers who receive a higher level of comfort. Thus made a decisive step towards the rest at the European level. Regular shearing was renovated - now it's for the resort is the de facto standard, and coming to rest, shed in the Crimea you will meet the modern European style.

So after all, what lies in wait for wanting soak up the Crimean sun?
Now the summer vacation in the Crimea offers through the Internet, not just big, but huge numbers of people. And pick up something really suitable in all this motley variety of tour operators, hotels, resorts and just privateers who give part of their living space for the summer to rent - not easy, especially if you ever do it the first time. As often happens, the proposals of bona fide owners of the difficulty in distinguishing among the hundreds of screaming advertisements, promising paradise vacation for next to nothing. But nothing is known - behind the barn. And there have to spend the night so guests, who were led to sweet talk and too low prices, but on arrival when it turns out that the "no vacancies", choose not from what. Sometimes it happens that the tour operator who promises you a quality vacation at sea in the Ukraine, he does not know what an ambush waiting for you, because in the absence of its representative in the Crimea, simply can not verify the quality of services offered in the ad.
In such a situation, trust intermediaries - means test their luck.

And only those owners of holiday home that provide summer holiday in the Crimea without intermediaries - can ensure that booking a double or triple room - you get exactly what you ordered.

We offer you a holiday in the Crimea, 2022, the price - without extra charges!
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