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All rush to the sea and because
Plan ahead vacation in Crimea!

Vacation at sea

Year period - the same time of year when spirits are most disposed to leave the sea. A vacation at sea, as is well known, no laughing matter and requires careful attention to their relationship, so soon as the temperature crosses the scale at 25 degrees, each of us begins to make plans on how to spend his vacation at sea. And, of course, what could be better than a vacation in Crimea?

We were lucky - in our latitudes, summer lasts for four and a half months, appropriate to how to plan a vacation at sea. Law we allotted for vacation of 24 days, and our aim is that these days we remember until the next holiday. And what can be remembered better than the holiday by the sea in Crimea?

After all, a vacation in the Crimea can charge us as health, joy, and give us good memories, dating, experiences. Those who want a change of scenery, take a break from old friends, or vice versa - to find new, it is unlikely to pick up something more suitable than a vacation in the Crimea on the sea.

Holidays in Crimea

Of course, in search of new impressions you can get into the farthest corners of our planet, on the exotic island country, but having arrived there, most tourists are surprised to discover that there are not always able to relax, as holidaying in the Crimea on the coast, you are though unfamiliar, but still among the countrymen. Holiday by the sea in Crimea is comfortable and allows you to relax for real. No matter - you want to remove the holiday house in the Crimea, or prefer to travel savage - you're on home soil. While vacationing in the Crimea, you can always hear the native language, you do not need an interpreter, no issues with the visa regime, and the legislation that abroad it is sometimes just as exotic as a country you are visiting.

Well, if you're interested in families with children in the Crimea - then all the more so the above becomes a more serious tone. Here, in addition to all commonly required vaccinations bother flora and fauna in the form of insects, you want to bear in mind that getting to a distant island - on arrival require acclimatization, and not even all adults carry it easily enough.
Why are all these difficulties, when you have a wonderful opportunity to spend your vacation at sea in the Crimea, to get a stunning tan, spirits (and of course the body), a lot of positive memorable moments, remembering that you'll smile. Vacation in the Crimea - a solid dignity, and the almost complete absence of deficiencies.

Crimea. Uteos. Holiday house "Feet in the sea".

Town slipways Utes (Crimea, Alushta) - a unique place, which are among civilization, preserved the natural beauty that is so valued by vacationers from around the world. Here you can pick out exactly the place to stay that suits you personally. Would you like to vacation in the Crimea on the sea woke up and fell asleep under the soothing splash of waves measured? Please - take off holiday house in the Crimea in the resort village of Uteos (near Alushta), will not work!

Choosing as a venue for their vacation at sea Crimea - holiday house are the bulwark of measured rest, in contrast to the hustle and bustle of large resorts such as Yalta.

Of the Crimean sun, sky, beaches, sea, air - and about what healing effect they have on the body, we can talk endlessly. However, a vacation in the Crimea - it is also a vacation for the soul, as an ulterior motive here come celebrities like Gerard Depardieu and Alain Delon, and so they have something to choose from, ranging from the "azure coast" beach resorts in France and ending with the known the whole world.

If you want, without middlemen vacation in Crimea
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