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VIP vacation in the Crimea in 2022 without middlemen

On a summer sea take chick
Because we all prefer the VIP vacation in Crimea!

vip vacation in the crimea in 2022 by ownerIf so, and spend holiday in Crimea, it must be not just leave the sea and vip vacation in the Crimea (without intermediaries). And what will it take?

  1. Comfort
  2. Improving effect of the place where you are going to spend their holiday in the Crimea.
  3. Entertainment. In the end, you do not come to the hospital to be treated as a rest.

Comfortable VIP vacation in the Crimea in 2022 without middlemen

VIP vacation in the Crimea in 2022 without middlemenSo, consider these points in order, starting with comfort. Providing VIP vacation in Crimea, holiday house "Feet in the Sea" has a bedroom suites. This means that after a busy day, your body will gain strength in the comfortable rooms and step into a new day for the new portion of impressions - with a cheerful enthusiasm and good mood.

Surely there is little those who have not tried other types of recreation on the sea, like savages (in the company of the local fauna in the form of any insects) or in the private sector - to overcome every day in the morning the road to the sea, and in the evening, though pleasantly tired but cursing - trudge back. Crowded public beach - something else fun. Try and find a place that would have liked, and it would be free. Neighbors here do not choose, and if fortune (which is known - Miss variability) will turn away from you - consider a day of rest went to ashes: extraneous sounds, screams, smells, cramped... not any rest here, what the beauty of nature - you look just that things were intact. The sea is also full of people, and the sea itself, unfortunately, in such places is not very clean. One word - horror.

It is quite another matter - holiday houses in the Crimea. From the holiday house "Feet in the Sea" to the sea - the whole meter! Here you and a suite where luxury lodge overlooking the sea can sunbathe without leaving the room. And its own private beach, where spacious and feel like a man, where you can relax and enjoy the whisper of the sea, eyes closed feeling the skin on the warm breeze caresses. A nanezhivshis under the sun enough - you can always surrender to the sea, which gladly take you in their passionate embrace. It should be noted that the holiday house "Feet in the Sea" has a spacious than can boast not one shed. Large area of rooms managed to get through the successful use of spiral holiday house in crime

And in the rooms at your disposal:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Modern interior design, furniture
  • Cable TV
  • Fridge freezer
  • Electric kettle
  • Heating
  • Hot and cold water - around the clock
  • Shower
  • Lavatory (WC)
  • Change of bed linen in the room - once in 5 days
  • Room service - every other day

We offer our guests surcharge on campus work:

  • sauna, massage service delivery
  • Small Tennis
  • good tennis court for tennis (come here to train celebrities)
  • volleyball
  • badminton
  • billiards

Tennis courts for tennis, sauna and massage services must be ordered in advance.

Territory holiday house guarded.

Separately, about food - you have the opportunity to eat as you handier: order room service, eat in cafes and restaurants, or - to prepare their own in the shed have everything you need.

A health VIP vacation in the Crimea in 2022 by owner

So, from the comfort of all is clear - holiday houses in the Crimea can not be beat. We turn to the healing effect. Wellness VIP vacation in Crimea holiday house "Feet in the Sea" is ensured by its excellent location - it is located between Yalta and Alushta, 4 km from the highway. The building is located near a hangar with an exquisite landscaped park, which was launched in 1812 - along with world-famous Nikita Botanical Garden. This pristine park keeps more than 200 species of plants from the corners of the world such as Japan, the Mediterranean, South America. To date, the landscape park is about 16 thousand evergreens - as little bizarre plants and majestic giants: Livadia cedar, laurel, cypress, pomegranate, beautiful redwood and many others. Year-round blooming flowers. On three sides of the world, from the harsh winds of the park to protect the mountain.

Not without reason in the old days it was here settled well known family of Gagarin and Rayevskys who have taken to heart the beauty of these places and who have built magnificent palaces in the ancient park where a sense of antiquity, bygone eras. Holidays in Crimea can introduce you to the historic architecture: the park is an architectural historical monument - a restored and a functioning church Princess Gagarina, erected in the early Byzantine style. Even the location of the park is the famous Cape Plaka, which can rise from the palatial estate of Kuchuk Lambat, built for Princess Gagarin in 1907, and today is a memorable historic architectural structures.

In these places, the human body comes in contact with nature on a more subtle, energetic level, and she, mindful of the good relationship to the past, gives to guests in the home, beauty, health.

The resort town slipways Utes (Crimea, Alushta) - situated on the seafront, in a place where a unique combination of natural factors - the sun and sea, makes the air saturated with improving energy. This allows for effective treatment of respiratory, cardiovascular system, and abnormalities of the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Agree that not every resort (no matter how elegant it may be) - is able to give you in addition to purely climatic conditions and the fresh air - and even a positive emotional charge, but also something more, which is quite clearly there is a body, but why so far in science There is no clear explanation. Please contact us if you want to experience the VIP Wellness vacation in the Crimea in 2022, without intermediaries.

I would like to warn reckless readers: should not compare the VIP vacation in the shed and pokazushnuyu luxury of expensive hotels. In mnogozvezdochnyh hotels you overpay an exorbitant price for an ostentatious chic, brilliant, glamorous, but honestly, let's face it - most of it useless tinsel.

Here in the shed, you pay for really a level of comfort, quietness and peace. And nothing you do not impose unnecessary, unlike many hotels in Crimea. Holiday house strife, and our distinguished by the fact that a large spacious bright rooms has a private beach, situated near the sea, in a quiet area, away from the hustle and bustle that is so famous, most resorts especially in the summer. From the balcony of the north side of the park is visible at a distance of 10 meters. Imagine: just 10 meters - and you're in the park. What the hotel can boast that?

Buoyant VIP vacation in the Crimea in 2022 by owner

rest on the sea with the childSo you've arrived, rested from the hustle, get enough sleep, acclimatized, swim, and then what?
And then it all depends on - what you have is soul, what kind of holiday you are more against the grain. And we for our part, to the VIP vacation in the Crimea in 2022 by owner was cheerful for you - can you provide the following services:

  • excursions - general, such as Crimea-legend "or personal - your choice. Trips take place on a comfortable bus
  • Pleasure trips on boats, catamarans, yachts - for cool people who like to enjoy a very leisurely
  • water bikes (scooters, jet skis, aquabike) - for "violent", which only let friends drivefamilies with children in the crimea
  • water attractions: "floating banana", etc.
  • underwater diving (diving) - with an instructor or independently, hire diving equipment - vacation at sea gives you a chance to discover new underwater world
  • computer games - all the same now, 21 century
  • for those who are planning a family vacation with children in the Crimea, it will be interesting to learn that day for the little ones run the show the troupe on the waterfront and streets of the town, and at night they give a presentation for the children and their parents
  • If desired, possibly traveling with a child in a comfortable car to:
    • aquapark, located in Alushta, 14 km (10 minutes)
    • dolphinarium, located in Partenit, 5 km from the holiday house
  • Nearby are wineries farm "Tavrida" where you can buy and take with them a souvenir bottle (or, bochechku) wine, stored in his Crimean sun rays
  • if you wish, you can always go to grocery stores or on the market - they are located next to the hangar, just a hundred meters from the holiday house "Feet in the Sea"

In addition, it is worth saying that the nearby hangar, right by the sea is just a lot of excellent establishments: restaurants, bars and cafes. Every institution is trying to stand out among others and to please visitors, so almost every there is something special: the menu and in beverages, in an environment. Here you can first try unusual cocktails, savory snacks, delicacies from the seafood. Devotee, no matter what cuisine you are not: the national or European - here will do everything to make you happy.

You want to make a raid on these institutions, then to tell your friends and acquaintances about where and how you rest? Then call us!

Holiday house "Feet in the Sea" - a VIP vacation in the Crimea in 2022 by owner!
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