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ATV Rental in Crimea over the mountain Demerdzhi

Have you heard about the mountain Demerdzhi, its legend? No? Then get ready for the Crimea to see firsthand how well the landscape Demerdzhi reflects the legend of the origin of the stone statues that looked like a human figure, in the "Valley of Ghosts".

In the journey will help you hire quad bikes in the Crimea, which provides partners holiday house "Feet in the Sea". You will be given the model of the ATV, which is more in line with your style of driving. If you do not have a driving experience at all - not a problem, start with ATV moderate power.

ATVs in the Crimea will provide you with a fascinating introduction to mountain range Demerdzhi: you will see Mount Funa, which has a second name - smoking, Tash-hubs-Bogaz, skillfully connecting North and South Demerdzhi, admire the views of the lavender fields and Alushta valley.

First of all - ATVs...

ATVs are like a motorcycle, but on four wheels. Seating options to help you choose the quad ATV for yourself or a variant of the passengers. Your friends, lying behind your back will thank you for the opportunity to shift all the attention on a review of mountain beauty.

By virtue of its design features, ATVs in the Crimea may well be overcome, and mountain passes, forest and thickets, and meadows. For this reason, ATVs in the Crimea are also popular as a means of amateur study of the mountains, because these all-terrain vehicles can pass, even where not pass Jeep SUV. Depths of the forest, sand pits, furrows in the field - all available for the passage of a quad. And once on the open area, you can press the gas pedal and make a fun race!

Few of the travelers to deny itself the pleasure to sit by the campfire under the mountain air, share experiences, talk or listen to stories, sing with a guitar, with a relish to run their teeth into the divine kebab! Together with you "rest" and your quads. In Crimea, enough seats, arranged for recreation, especially for tourists. And at night - you are waiting for apartments holiday house "Feet in the Sea".

ATV Rental in Crimea for traveling in the mountains is organized on a decent level. Models of varying thickness can find themselves as prepared by the rider, and a timid beginner. The instructors and guides will take care of your safety and will make you an interesting route. Before you travel you will pass the training, which are conducted by experienced instructors, this training will help the whole group to sit on the ATV with confidence: in the Crimea with the warmth and caring welcome their guests to the next year to meet them again!

ATV Rental in Crimea - for explorers of the mountains

After all, the "best of the mountains may be just the mountains" - that is sung in the famous song. And it's true! Those lucky enough to breathe deeply of the mountains - go to them again and again! And fans of high conquer space will fall by the way very modern motorcycles ATVs - quads. In Crimea, await you magnificent mountains: and Demerdzhi, and Chater, Doug, and Roman-Kosh. Mountain peaks lit by the sun, will always be remembered, will attract and lure you here time and time again.

By the way, if you prefer to travel on the techniques of animals, or just want to compare experiences - holiday house "Feet in the Sea" may recommend horseback riding in the Crimea - for you and your friends and family.

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